Monday, June 21, 2010

Foxy Locks Extensions Review

Hi everyone! So I wanted to do a review on Foxy Locks Extensions. Let me go ahead and get out of the way that I purchased the extensions myself with my own personal hard earned money, I am not affiliated with foxy locks extensions in any way. :D

Foxy Locks Extensions <--- Click here to get to her website!

PRICE: £54.00 (GBP) - About $80 USD (for 120 grams) // £72.00 (GBP) - about $106 USD.
SHIPPING: £8.50 (GBP) - About $12.50 USD. (took about 2 weeks)
20 inches long (only 1 size available)

So I've had the extension for about 5-6 months now, I got the 120 grams in the "natural black 1B" shade, I originally wanted the 160grams but she was unfortunately sold out :( so i just settled for this. So I was on YouTube one day and JlovesMac1 was raving about "Foxy Locks Extensions"... her review sold me so i desperately HAD to get them. I was originally using clip on extensions from Sally's Beauty and I didn't like them. They were very thin and because the amount of hair in it was so thin, it looked very unnatural and obvious. When i placed my order and finally got them in the mail i was pleasantly surprised. The hairs were super soft, VERY long (it came in 20") and a perfect match. They're really easy to apply and take off, the clips that came on it were very sturdy and the extensions were very well made. Definitely high quality hair.

(My real hair length is about where my collar is)

I really do wish i waited and got the 160 grams that i originally wanted because it does contain more hair which is more thickness and more natural looking but the 120 grams worked just fine. 20 inches was a little too long for my liking so i cut off about 2". So if you have thicker hair i'd suggest getting the 160grams, if you have thinner you'll be fine with 120 grams. These are 100% human hair, remy italian ( i think, i really should research a little to make sure huh? lol). Because it IS natural hair, it can be washed, curled, straightened, whatever you would do on your own hair. I've done everything to it already, curled, straightened, cut, washed, blow dried and still super soft and very natural looking. Imogen (who is the owner) is located in the UK, she is the owner of the company and awesome with communication. It took about 2 weeks for me to get  the extensions, It may be been due to customs and all that because I AM located in the states, but definitely worth the wait! She has a lot of different color shades to choose from a black black color to platinum blond. 

Overall I absolutely LOVE the extensions, will definitely continue to use them as i consider them my "security blanket" until my REAL hair grows out.

My only suggestion or recommendation to whoever plans on getting these is that from my own experience, the extensions do require better shampoo. I am currently using Biolage shampoo and condition which can be purchased from salons and i believe Ulta sells them too. I've tried washing it with just a regular drugstore shampoo just as Tresemme' and it sort of dried out the hair so to guarantee longevity on the hair, i'd recommend higher quality shampoo. 

If I left anything out or if have you have any questions, please ask in the comment section! Hope this was helpful to everyone considering getting these, I DO make my reviews very thorough so that it can help you have an easier decision so sorry if this was a bit long :D.


  1. I love the hair! It definitely looks gorgeous on you girl! Btw, new follower here! ;)

  2. hi! thanks! i absolutely LOVE the hair! thanks for following :D

  3. I love it..This is exactly what I needed. I cut my hair short few months ago and I regret doing that. Those extensions look so real on you.

  4. thanks! you wouldn't even know they were fake! def give them a try

  5. ooh the hair is soooo pretty! now i really want to try hair extensions. love your blog! new follower :)

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  6. Do you still feel like you would recommend these extensions, after having owned them for a year? Have they sort of lost their quality/smoothness? How long did it take for them to lose their quality? Would you buy these again?

  7. hey,

    They look so good on natural=)
    Did u get the Jet Black?
    How did u do the curls in your hair?

  8. >>evolution<< hi! i would totally recommend these, my hair has gotten longer and i no longer really need them but i do still wear them occassionally when i go out for thickness. after washing it a ton of times, the quality is definetly still there. hasnt gotten brittle, rough, dry or anything. If i do ever chop off my hair again (which i doubt) and i lose these, i would repurchase.. but for now, its lasted so long and i take really good care of them.. i prob will not need to repurchase. hope this helps!

  9. >>noorul<< hi! i do love these extensions when i get a chance to wear them. they look very natural indeed. i got them in 1b natural black i believe they are called. I've been MIA but i might start up my youtube to channel and do a video tutorial and review on these. So let me know if you'd like to see that and i will def try to fit it in my schedule since i'm working full time and i do freelance makeup as well.

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